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In the our native Serbian language SAHRANA means Funeral. In this very moment Sahrana is the oldest black metal band in Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska. We exist from 2005. In this three (for few months four years), many members and musicians pass through our band. But from the very start, till this days the main shafts of band are the drummer Jovan and the vocalist AlekSS . All the music are made by Jovan, and all the lyrics wrote by AlekSS. We never change our still, from the star we play and always try to make a simple rooted Black Metal. Through the years we play about Death, Slavonic Paganism, War, Occult and Witchcraft. But always in our music there is Satanic influence. And in the end our main theme is Satanism, anti-Christianity, anti-Semitism and Demonology. We don’t want to sing about some mental disorders and similar things. Our main goal is to spread the words and philosophy of Evilness.



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