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Right to the Void - Kingdom of Vanity

Melodic death/ thrash band from France. Not bad on first listen really, it may grow on you a little bit. Not really my taste, it is a little more metalcore-ish than I like. It does have some fairly decent guitar work in there and overall the music itself isn’t bad. Vocals are a mixture of death-growls and screams. They fit with the music that way though. This was overall a decent album, it just didn’t stand out amongst the rest. For fans of more metalcore sounding metal.




1. Like a Disease

2. Phoenix

3. World Decay

4. A Black Conclusion

5. War of Glory

6. In Oblivion

7. Reborn from Ashes

8. Again and Again … Until the End

9. Kingdom of Vanity

10. Stay

11. We Have Failed








Hugo – Drums

Paul – Guitars

Gauthier – Guitars

Guillaume – Vocals/Bass



Rating: 5 out of 10


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