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The Suffered Testament”


Ebullition - The Suffered Testament


Brand new release “The Suffered Testament” by Florida’s own Ebullition………what to say, what to say, oh right!  It’s damn good!!  This easily reminds my of the better days of Florida death metal.  With blasting drums, growling vocals and churning guitars and bass, think Monstrosity, Brutality and a bit of Resurrection.  It’s all tasty to me!  This CD is long enough to enjoy and short enough to want more.  I give it an easy 8.5/10.



1. Immortal Failure

2. The Suffered Testament

3. Fleshbound

4. Plague and Fire

5. Godless

6. Alignment

7. Unnatural

8. Deceiver






Sam Hunt – Bass/Vocals

Eddie Szanyi – Drums/Vocals

Ed Hilebrandt – Guitars

Seth Schneider – Vocals


Rating: 8.5 out 10

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