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Reign of Vengeance

The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion”


Reign of Vengeance - The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion

In my opinion this was extremely cheesy and not in a good way. I couldn’t even take them seriously with lyrics like “fuck the recession, kill those who caused it”. I’m not really sure what they were thinking when they released this album. I don’t recommend it to anyone at all and actually suggest NOT listening to it. This is one of the absolute worst albums that I have listened to in a really long time. I give this one a whopping 1/10. And that is just being nice really.




1. Fuck the Recession; Kill Those That Caused It

2. Amassing Towards Truth

3. The Master’s Summons

4. The Grande Hecatomb

5. The Final Rebellion




Marshall “fucking” Beck – Vocals

Tim Gibson – Guitars

James Applegate – Drums

Doug Williams – Bass



Rating: 1 out 10


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