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Memories of War”


Red Front - Memories of War

What can I say? Typical thrash/death type stuff. Not necessarily bad, just doesn’t really stand out much. That doesn’t mean that you may not like it though, just wasn’t really for me. If you are into that style then go ahead and give it a listen.




1. Welcome to Chaos

2. Memories of War

3. Disaster

4. Killer

5. Institutions Down

6. Just a Game

7. Circle of Hate

8. Get out Here

9. Self Flagellation

10. Born to Death

11. Metalsplash (Bonus)

12. Circle of Hate (Video Clip Bônus)




Anderson – Vocals

Oscar – Guitars

Daniel Lunardi – Guitars

Mark – Bass

Paulo – Drums



Rating: 5 out of 10


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