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“Doomsday Eve – Live Album”

RAN- Doomsday Eve

Ran is a black/trash band from the Netherlands that formed in 2008. But the idea’s for this band have been in the making since 1991 when the vocalist/bassist was in the underground Icelandic scene. They released one demo previous to this release. This album is raw and sounds like it should have been released in the early 90’s. The vocals are the grim spoken type, in the vein of Immortal or old Inquisition. So not the typical grim screams. The music is old school style of black/trash. Not the fast or technical style of today’s scene. I would like to hear more from this band since this album is almost too raw to make out some parts of the songs. There are 3 introductions within this album stating the next song title. And the length of the album is about 25 minutes with 9 songs. I wish I could hear the guitars better since they are very hard to hear a lot in this album. And the production makes the drums sound sloppy. So, all in all, good live show, but the production on this release is not that good at all making it hard to get into if your not familiar with their music. I will await their full length debut before I completely judge them, specially being a huge fan of black/thrash myself.



1. Grim Fate

2. Soul Capture

3. Introduction

4. Cease the Sun

5. Introduction

6. Hellfighter

7. Thrash Black

8. Introduction

9. Eden Defiled

10. Cease the Sun – Video






Nekron – Vocals/Bass

Reptilia – Drums

Aesthyr – Guitars

Rating: 5 out of 10
~Subterranean Inhabitant

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