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Blooming Rust”


Ram-Page - Blooming Rust

Black metal with definite thrash influence. I really liked the thrashy guitar work on this album. You normally don’t hear guitar like this on a black metal release but in this case it definitely works out for the better in my opinion. The vocals were angry black metal screams throughout the whole album. I enjoyed this this one and would recommend it. I’m Headbanging to it as I write this review as a matter of fact. Keep the black flame alive!!!!!




1. Infinite Life

2. The Man

3. Soul

4. Sea Waves

5. Reason

6. Horizon

7. Future

8. Time Fluctuations







Dmitriy Dolgov – Bass

Alexey Valentov – Drums

Sergey Privalov – Guitars

Vlad Privalov – Vocals



Rating: 8 out of 10


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