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Quest Of Aidance - Misanthropic Propaganda

Perhaps it is in the water, but Sweden loves melody. So among some seriously aggressive drives and very heavy rhythm Quest Of Aidance plants it lighter moments and mixes melody in with the chaos. one way to describe Sweden’s Death Metal Grindcore trio would be organized chaos. While some of the 14 songs are very short, Anyx is 45 seconds, they pack a lot of assault in small packages. The band is very tight sounding, and I forgive them for using keyboards that sound like they stole them from Styx. Check out The 5th Column and you will see/hear.


The vocals are sharp, full, aggressive, crazed from Daniel. The lower vocals I am assuming are from Christian.


Misanthropic Propaganda is the kind of CD that is cool for listening in the car because it is loud and consistently heavy, despite the light moments. Since I live in a town that hates metal, it is better to listen to music that does not slow down, get sappy, or embarrassing when your at a stop light and it sounds as if you are listening to After The Rain by Nelson. Ha ha.


I RECOMMEND checking this one out and see if it is your cup of tea




1. A New Storm Rising

2. Seething Voids

3. Deadly Viral Strain

4. To No Avail

5. Section 34

6. Anyx

7. Dimout

8. Sothis Allegro

9. Red Dust

10. Spawnlayer

11. Sirian Breed

12. Like Shadowing Suns

13. The 5th Column

14. Doom Reactor




Daniel “Daaz” Valström – vocals

Christian Älvestam – guitar and vocals

Christian Lundgren – guitar



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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