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Great doom metal can often elicit the same kind of powerful atmosphere and dark imagery as the best of black metal. It is these types of bands, the ones that try to pull an emotional response from the listener with their music that are the most likely to succeed in the competitive world of extreme metal. Pyramido is a sludge/doom metal band that hails from Sweden. The band’s 2013 full-length effort, titled Saga is a great album of powerful doom metal that works despite a mild lack of variety. This six-track album is a slow methodical doom metal experience that trudges along at a less than brisk pace but firmly mires itself in a dark, dismal, and doomy atmosphere. The pace is punctuated by powerful guitar riffs that add to the dismal nature of what Saga is going for. The forth song on the record titled Klockrike gives us a slow building, No Quarter style keyboard instrumental track that works as a great intermission. Saga’s only flaw is the lack of variety. Although there is musical development within each song, this form of doom metal can weigh heavily on the listener. It can become a chore to get through. This is not an album built for a mosh pit. Pyramido want you to sit back and take it in. It is a fairly one-dimensional doom metal record, but perhaps that was exactly what Pyramido was trying for. Saga shows that Pyramido know their chosen genre well and the fact that Saga works despite a lack of variety is a testament to their creative ability.




1. Varje steg ar ett snedsteg

2. Ar av onad

3. Fosie

4. Klockrike

5. Ingen manniska ar en o

6. Tiden ar kommen




Viktor Forss – Drums

DanHedlund – Guitars

Henrik Wendel – Guitars

Ronnie Kallback – Vocals

Dan Bengtsson – Bass



Rating: 8 out of 10


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