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Psykosis - Toxic TerrorStorm

Psykosis is a Heavy Metal/Death Metal out of New York, not to be confused with the Thrash Metal band from Ireland. I love the way they have an intro song titled “New Beginnings”. That is a great way to start this 13 track Self titled CD. This band does their normal growling with some screams in there but not enough to be consider Black/Death Metal. The tracks that stick out the most to me are Buried Alive, Therapy and For Friends Long Lost. But all the other tracks are really good. This CD is is well produced. I would definitely recommend this band to all those Death Metal fans out there.



1. Toxic Fugitive

2. Terror at 3 A.M.

3. Bonestorm



Jay Shaw – Bass

Shane “The Headcase” Byrne – Drums

Grant Walsh – Guitars/Vocals

Tony Corcoran – Guitars


Rating: 8 out of 10


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