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Songs Of Faint and Distortion”


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Italian technical death metal band Psychofagist has done something I never thought possible. They have combined classic jazz and extreme metal with, better than I would have ever thought possible, results. The band’s latest full-length release called “Songs Of Faint and Distortion” is a dizzying array of jazz infused technical death metal. This album blows my mind; it is profoundly well constructed. This three-piece band has pulled off something special here. If this album has any dry moments, they only help to keep your heart from exploding. There is not one member that lags behind the others, and all three are about as technically brilliant as you can get. Stefano Ferrian has triple the responsibility, being on vocals and guitar. (And Saxophone?!?) Marcello Sarino is under him on bass. All I can say is, as a bass player myself; his playing is absolutely incredible; he perfectly fills the low end, all while showing off his talent and bringing the bass to life through various styles of play. He is truly a master. And, of course, it would all fall apart if Ferderico De Bernardi Di Valserra was not an equally strong presence on the drums. But, the most technically precise playing in the world means totally nothing if the songs are not high quality, and Psychofagist has put together some really good ones here. I never got the sense the band was taking themselves too seriously. It is hard to listen to this album and not smile. It goes so far over the top; you can’t help but be entertained the whole time. Most technical death metal tries too hard to show off and it ends up becoming a bore. Not this one, though. It is fun from start to finish. I feel that Psychofaist is having fun here. It is not going to change the world, but this album is so outrageously engaging it is hard not to enjoy on some level.




1. Blankness Reigns Supreme

2. Movement

3. Mechanoabsurdity

4. Neuronopatia Sensitiva Subacuta

5. Digression Into Distortion

6. Inhuman 3.0

7. 22nd Century Misshapen Man

8. Song of Faint

9. An Autism Aeigma

10. Unique ElectroniX Forms

11. Uninitiation




Stefano – Guitars/Vocals/Saxophone
l DucaConte – Drums
arcello – Bass/Vocals



Rating: 8 out of 10


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