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This case illustrates the complexity of diagnosis in a person with a first presentation of psychotic symptoms”


Nativity: autumn 2001 – Novara/Piedmont/Italy
From the birth to August 2002, Psychofagist has been a client of its community mental health centre receiving treatment for post-adolescence malaise.

In the beginning of 2003, the Japanese neurological centre Amputated Vein Records noticed the case and decided to follow it out at the same time of a Belgian criminal asylum patient.
After years of identity crisis, the Fiamma+Cello+Ste composed line-up allowed to stomp the cold halls of Italian and European mental hospitals.

Spring 2004 – a new lunatic asylum noticed Psychofagist, this time in Trento-Italy: Subordinate Productions granted the privilege of its assistance.

In 2007 El Ducaconte was admitted to the liaison psychiatric service and a couple of months later reflections of Psychofagist’s quadruple personality disorder materialize via the Luca T. Mai breathing apparatus. This pure form of neuroplasmia is currently inducing excruciating high-tunes and alien resonances.

During 2008 and 2009 Psychofagist was engaged with the yelling out of new degenerative opuses and a with uncountable number of hospitalisation tours. Improvements in relationship (e.g. Brutal Truth, Natron, Fuck the Facts, Zu, Misery Index, Ephel Duath, Damo Suzuki) were denoted.


2010-2011 is the crucial period to evaluate mental health situation: several electroshock therapy specialists denotes a further exacerbation of its psychotic symptoms. The Second Tragic out-of-hand course has begun. Furthermore the patient has been paired up with Polish inmates Antigama: a leading-edge cabalistic bipolar noise-treatment “9 Psalms of an Anti-music to come”.


Physical examination:
four figures in unstable equilibrium
two handfuls of vocal cords
sticks, drums, mushrooms
twelve nichel strings installed on two wooden pieces
electronic boxes and valves
distorted saxes synusoids


Psychofagist presents a very serious self-injuring risk


Current neurovegetative signs and symptoms:
Agitation, partial complex crisis, principles of epilepsy, spasticity, convulsions Mental state examination/Orientation/Cognition
Abnormalities were detected on tests of frontal lobe function Extremely high rate of speech, rhythm, volume and intonation
Thought form – illogical, irrational, loose
Thought content – obsessional personality
Perception – hallucinations, disorganized thinking
Mood – demented, apathetic, euthymic, despondent, angry fearful


Current medication, duration of treatment, efficacy and side effects should be documented…

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