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Promethean Horde - Ashes of the Empyrean
As you listen to the first forty seconds or so of the debut full-length album from Tampa Florida based black metal warriors, Promethean Horde, you might feel as I did. It starts out with the familiar blast beats, razor sharp guitar riffs, and raspy-throated hiss and growl that you have heard before. Too recognizable, yet still good black metal. Then after the forty seconds the identity of the band kicks in becomes something more. The creative spark ignites and the journey begins. It’s a journey that touches on various genres around black metal, like doom metal and melodic death metal. While all these elements don’t always flawlessly fuse, mostly they do, making for another deep and emotional music trek through the proverbial black metal tundra. Ashes of the Empyean is the title of Promethean Horde’s 2014 album and it is a great start. This is a record that takes chances within the boundaries of the genre of raw black metal. Fantastic guitar flourishes and solid catchy riffs highlight each of the eleven songs. Solid bass and drums form a sturdy backbone on which each song can grow and develop. As the album plays on, more and more creativity is uncovered. Most of it flows perfectly and the band changes direction, but always stays within the genre. The whole thing culminates with the final two songs, the title track and Divinity by Conquest. It seems that all the musical development in each song that came before is here at the climax with these last two songs. They are the two longest on the record and each pull creative aspects from the record together. They push the album two minutes passed the hour mark but really show off great song writing and playing. This is an album that is always great, often amazing, and occasionally brilliant. This is an extremely strong start for Promethean Horde. And hopefully they can and will only get better from here.




1. Artisan of Silence

2. Perish in the Elements

3. Spirit of the Water

4. Ördögszereto

5. Unknown Corpses

6. Winter Cold Within Your Soul

7. Dark Black Catacomb

8. Bring Forth the Fires

9. Voices Visions

10. Ashes of the Empyrean

11. Divinity by Conquest




Nickulus – Vocals

Jecheal – Bass/Vocals

Jack – Guitars/Backing Vocals

Jones – Guitars/Backing Vocals

Gary Stockton – Drums



Rating: 8.5 out of 10



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