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The band was given birth during late October 2012, when Andrei Oltean and Vali Mandeal decided to approach music in a different way than they used to. The gloomy circumstances that invaded their lives were a powerful source of inspiration, as if some strange spirits would demand them to picture the overwhelming sadness beheld by the frozen mountains that surround Sibiu. Used to a certain kind of ancient grief, something specific to their homeland, now invaded by it’s own death, by the doom by which all that means beauty perishes. Thus, an unpredicted new project begun. They pictured all the woe with sound, with an exquisite black metal sound, influenced by aged folklore motifs. This decision being made, ideas started swarming, and so they began searching for members. Some were immediately found. Radu Mihaiu joined the band in it’s earliest stage, soon followed by raluca “Striga”. In early 2013, while the album received it’s most primordial shapes, Ovidiu and Alin joined the band. All members existed, except the drummer, so the drums were programmed by Andrei.


The album was shaped, as already mentioned, was shaped by our innermost dark feelings, by the cataract-inducing grey skies, by the breathless shapes of our fading earth. Some songs do curse this fate, some do mourn, and in some, a slight beacon of hope might be found, but this only because mankind shall vanish, and wounds made by us shall one day be healed by those living beings that still possess a soul. This is how the album also comes to an end, the lyrics of “Viers de foc” being a curse that will destroy mankind and enthrone the right masters of the world, the wordless beings that still bear affection and kindness to each other, to our mountains and rivers and forests, to nature, and to life itself. The last track is an instrumental one, a kind of an unfinished end, so that each may be able to imagine the final scenario of this doomed cosmic act of existing. All those ideas were exposed in an ancient-like way of writing, so that our hoar cultural heritage would not be forgotten, it’s essence living in our very words.

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