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Energy, power, passion & communication with the public: it’s how we can resume PRIMAL AGE’s shows. Defense of the animal rights, vegetarianism, ecology, denunciation (among others) of the over consumption of mass are so many recurring themes that the band explains and asserts since 1993. PRIMAL AGE marked the 90s by being among the first ones to mix Metal and Hardcore styles in Europe.

The band began in 1993. After a lot of shows all over France, Primal Age appeared on the compilation “In This Other Land” (Overcome Rcds), beside other bands as Kickback, Drowning, Right for life, Stormcore, Seekers of the truth and become a revelation by its music inspired by Hardcore and Metal.

1999 : Primal age recorded “The Light to Purify” (Eyewitness Rcds) produced by André Gielen (Arkangel, Length of Time) in the Studio Hautegard. Then, 40 shows were booked in France and Europe, sharing the stage with Napalm Death, Converge, All Out War, Length of Time, Nostromo, Turmoil, Caliban, Indecision, Drowning, 25 Ta Life… and scheduled on renowned festivals such as Superbowl of HxC or Goodlife festival.

2005: Primal Age edited the republication of “The Light to Purify” (Eternalys Rcds • Enjoy the silence • Marvel Music Motion • Distribution(Casting) Overcome Rcds) and continued on its launched with over 20 shows beside Maroon, Judgment, Right For Life or The Arrs.

2007: Primal Age returned in studio for “Hell Romance” (Customcore Rcds), recorded by Guillaume André (Loko Studio) and mastered by Alan Douches (West West Side Music Studio • Mastodon, Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sepultura, Hatebreed). 40 shows were booked beside Madball, Maroon, Earth Crisis, Aborted, Benighted, Walls of Jericho, Born From Pain and Black Bomb A, with some very well noticed shows at Free Edge Fest, Hell Fest & Hell On Earth Fest.

2009 > 2011: primal age continued to play everywhere in France while composing new pieces and recorded the album “The Gearwheels of Time” (Deadlight Entertainment) to the Freaky Dog Studio by Thomas Tibéri. A tour of 40 lives in France and Europe and a tour of 6 lives in Mexique in February 2011 were booked. This new successful album allowed primal age to play with Hatebreed, Madball, Agnostic Front, Zuul Fx, Dagoba, on stage such as Sonisphere Fest Big Four (Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth), at Délirium Fest or at Paris Extreme Fest.

2012 > 2013 : PRIMAL AGE entered at the beginning of the year in LDC studio with Jérôme Turblin and recorded the Split CD “Kill A Theory” (Retribution Network – Japan • Vegan Rcds – Argentina • Seven Eight Life Rcds – Brazil •Deadlight Entertainment • France) beside 2 others HxC legends : Mostomalta (ex Nueva Etica • Argentine) and Cherish (Japan). A tour of 15 shows beside Ultra vomit, Benighted, Dagoba, Black Bomb A and a tour (5 shows) in Japan in August 2013 of which a show noticed at Bloodaxe Festival (bigger hardcore Metal event in Japan) ensued of this split CD. The tour continued with passages at Chaulnes Metal fest, or at Le Rock dans Tous ses Etats Fest.

2015 : PRIMAL AGE went to Brazil in February for 5 shows beside Confronto and Cervical (two well known bands of the Hardcore scene of Rio de Janeiro) and celebrated at the same time the 20 years of PRIMAL AGE. The band changed their line-up because Johann (guitar) left the group after 10 years behind the handle, and been replaced by Benoit and Florian (Nobody Straight). Year 2015 ended with the “Birthday Tour” with incredible lives on stage at Crazy Fest, Riip Fest, Fest’ In’ Montd and at Why Not Fest.

2016: PRIMAL AGE is still on the road for the “Birthday Tour”, with in parallel, the composition of a 4 Titles EP (release planned near the end of 2016) and will be recorded by Thomas Tiberi who worked on the album “Gearwheels Of Time” and the mastering will be set to Chris “Zeus Harris” (Rob Zombie, Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, 100 Devils, God Forbid, Sworn Enemy, Shadows Fall, Madball.

February 2017 The Band starts A Silent Wound Tour in Gisors at the EP’s Gisors Metal Fest Release party The Official Release is scheduled for March 03, 2017 at Deadlight Entertainment Version vinyl 7 “Inch limited edition 3 colors out 24 April on the German label vegan straight edge Bound By Modern Age Records Http:// and out in June limited version tape on label from Indonesia Doriama Records

Primal Age | Sound Of Silence27, Rue Jean – Baptiste Clément | 27140 Gisors | France | Tel.
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