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Preludium - Redemption

When a band can transcend the death metal genre while remaining firmly grounded in a familiar death metal sound, you know you have found something special. Preludium is a ferocious black/death metal band hailing out of Poland. The band’s fourth full-length release, titled Redemption is a vicious album that retains a high quality of creative integrity throughout. This is a very focused and well-constructed record. It seems that Preludium’s heart is one of death metal. But a slight bit of classic KVLT black metal ingenuity and atmosphere found their way in and enhanced the already phenomenal death metal sound. This is a powerful and grave record. Preludium never force their wicked music. It flows naturally as extensions of the thoughts and feelings of Preludium. Singer/guitarist Ion has a strong, deep, and raspy delivery. His singing style more closely resembles death metal, but like the rest, he has a touch of black metal in his singing. No matter what tempo, Preludium keep the power though their spirited performances. This is a very well recorded album, with very high production values. It never sounds like the same song over and over. Each song has the same epic and grizzly feel, but the strength of the artistic vision shines through and lifts the whole experience past its contemporaries. Prelidium wants to take you on a voyage, and through the potency of the song writing and power of will, Redemption will blast you to the core. And then rebuild you.




1. Soul Torment

2. Altars of Redemption

3. Incarnations

4. Root of Suffering

5. Circle of Life

6. The Seven Gates of Hell

7. Destiny of Mortals

8. Arena of Souls

9. Hatred Breeds Suffering

10. Sins of Mankind




Marcin Deszcz – Bass

Piotr Ungeheuer – Drums

Jan Skowron – Guitars

Ion – Guitars/Vocals



Rating: 9 out of 10


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