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Povijest Trovanja”


Pogavranjen- Povijest Trovanja - 2nd EP

Pogavranjen means, as defined by the band, Were-Raven. What I like about this band is their ability to mix things, like their name, they have hidden Psycho Billy guitar rhythms and drums with Black Metal in the latter portion of the CD which has my favorite tracks Olovna Vulva and The Arsonist. It begins with Dream Merchant and Lugergeist which comes across as straight Black Metal. The vocals are strong and violent enough to relay their messages of misanthropy and nihilism. Here is another CD where the music stays strong and gets better at the end.




1. Otrov

2. Dream Merchant

3. Lugergeist

4. Coal Saliva

5. Olovna Vulva

6. The Arsonist

7. Tragedija u vapnu







Matej Pecar – Bass

Josip Vladic – Drums

Niko Potocnjak – Guitars

Denis Balaban -Guitars

Marko Domgjoni – Synths/Keyboards

Ican Eror – Vocals



Rating: 7 out of 10


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