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Band was formed in 2008 by Nerast and Lumfa. We released 2 EP’s so far, and we are about to release our 1st full length in few weeks from now. We have played quite a lot of gigs so far, but we have almost no respect for any of today’s black metal bands and metal scene in general. It would be really hard for us to tolerate other bands and/or people so tours are out of question. We like to compose music, to rehearse and to to record. If anyone finds it interesting-good, if not, it’s till good. We have no appetite  for belonging .Its lame. Plastic. Weak. We never identified ourselves with Satanism, political options, or genres. We cherish nihilism. We hate people and the world of men. We just want to watch it burn. For the most part, sometimes we’re just completely indifferent. We are very excited about our music -don’t get me wrong, but we are looking for no appreciation. We do it cause we feel we have to. If we didn’t we d exploded. Or end up in jail. Or suicidal and depressed. It’s a great hate channeling tool for us, me if u like since i write all the music. So biography… I’m not really sure if there is anything else worth mentioning. We like to keep it cold and distant.


Pogavranjen- Povijest Trovanja - 2nd EPPogavranjen- The void transmission - 1st EP

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