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Plagues Of Rhyzyktus was created in the winter of 2008 by vocalist/guitarist Rhyzyktus Necroplague (formerly of Evil Throne) and drummer Wehrmacht after the demise of each of their previous bands. The two men, heavily influenced by death metal, black metal, and tons of alcohol, decided that Plagues Of Rhyzyktus will come to encompass blazing speed, crushing brutality, and some degree of technical prowess.


After a few months of rehearsals, P.O.R. was to go to the studio and work on its first demo set for release in mid-2009. However, things got delayed when Wehrmacht abruptly quit the band and when Rhyzyktus needed to fulfill his recording obligations for Evil Throne. After numerous failed attempts to acquire a new drummer, Rhyzyktus eventually decided to record all of the instruments (guitars, bass, drums, and vocals) on his own. The delay eventually caused the demo to become a split with his side project, Tenebastulum. As such, the split was titled “The Aura Of Purified Hatred” and was released in December 2010.


Expect the debut full-length to be released some time in 2014.


P.O.R. is currently seeking a drummer and a bassist with the intent of completing a line-up for live shows, tours, and future studio work. Reply if interested.


– Discography:

Aura Of Purified Hatred (2010, split with Tenebastulum).

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