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Beyond the Ancient Bluffs”


Petrichorus- Beyond the Ancient Bluffs

This band has a very nice intro to the song Portents of the Decay. Nice and melodic with great harmonies. and a slow crescendo breaking off to the main riff. The synth’s are very well done, and not cheesy like so many other bands seem to pull off and feel content with. This so far feels like a mellow sonnet that would be very nicely mixed with some marijuana and several beers. OK so at the start I felt this was going to explode into a metal homage but it fell short to me. Although it was a great instrumental work. Golden Age was also instrumental but well done for its genre. I would not call them metal at all I would more or less classify them as instrument ambient synth and fantasy. I would almost expect to hear this music on the soundtrack to Braveheart. I wish the best to this group and hope they can succeed in their chosen style of exhilarating music. If you like instrumental ambiance then check this band out it will leave you feeling sedated and satisfied.



1. Beyond the Ancient Bluffs

2. Golden Age

3. Ygdrassil

4. Scars of Freya

5. Wltschmerz

6. Portents of the Decay

7. Victory

8. Goddess of Gold

9. Winter’s Knot

10. Surtalogi



Derek Hage – Everything


Rating: 7 out of 10


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