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The black/death metal band Permanent Midnight first started as Lycanthropy in September 1997 with six members forging a style of metal that was unique, straight-forward, and thoroughly uncompromising. Having converted legions of fans to their brand of Lycanthropic Metal, their talents eventually captured the attention of a major radio station with offers to spread their unique sound and to forewarn the unsuspecting masses that there is a new sonic predator lurking about.

After a series of lineup changes, the band dropped the title Lycanthropy and christened themselves Permanent Midnight in the year 2000. Whereas their music remained the same, they have adapted a new approach to their brand of metal, thus increasing their overall potential as was reflected in their 2002 self-titled demo. Following the release of Under the Blood Moon, the band has become established once more as both an undeniable force, as well as honored veterans in Pennsylvania’s underground metal scene.


The band decided it was time in 2007 to take a hiatus indefinitely to focus on individual goals. Wulv has been working diligently on his project Funeral Dust, with multiple releases under his belt. Mictian has since been working on several different projects, including his own depressive metal band Hope is Dead, as well as compositions for short film. Barbarian attended film school, with his ultimate goal of becoming a film director.


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