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Pequod - Forgotten

11 tracks of Metalcore and deathly thrash. A lot of times I am reminded of the band, The Haunted. Production on this album is great. Everything is mixed perfectly. This German outfit play some good thrashy and Metalcore songs, I am just not into this style that much. The guitar solos on the album are really great though. Even though this is not my style I will point out that the drummer is solid, the songwriting is okay, and the guitar and bass sound great. The vocalist is talented; I am just not a fan of this style. If you like Swedish and German Metalcore, this is definitely for you. Nothing original but nothing terrible.



1. Bleed

2. … to Death

3. Sickness

4. Tragedy

5. To Depart

6. A Vortical Experience

7. Forgotten

8. My Redemption

9. Life’s a Lie

10. A Hunter’s Tale

11. D.r.o.w.n.



Florian Schwarzfischer – Bass

Maurizio Guolo – Drums

Jens Burbab – Guitars

Daniel Kirstein – Guitars

Roland Wagner – Vocals


Rating: 7 out of 10
~Rob of Necrodemon

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