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Crushing, haunting, morbid, devastating, and an utterly chaotic atmosphere! This was my impression of this album. I mean these things in the best way possible though. Listening to this album really takes you to the deep, dark corners of your insanity. Deep muddy bass and the low, guttural vocals really fill the void on this one. It was full-force, no let-up from the opening track all the way to the last. For fans of black/death I would definitely recommend checking this album out! Play it loud and enjoy the ride into hell!!!!!




1. Intro

2. Vanya

3. Nausea

4. Deindividuation

5. Godot

6. Tsirhcitna Eht

7. Aokigahara




Krag- Vocals

Impugnor – Guitars/Bass



Rating: 8 out 10


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