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We formed in summer 2011 in Santa Cruz, CA. With the original lineup, we recorded a three-song demo, and in fall, Josh Schwartz replaced Max Paradise as the bassist. We went into the studio in winter to record our debut EP titled ‘Sickening Conduct’ with Max Zigman of Son of Aurelius, Smaragos, and Inanimate Existence, which we released independently. In summer 2012, Gore House Productions re-released ‘Sickening Conduct’, limiting it to 500 copies, and Mike Mostachetti replaced Evan Coulter as the guitarist. Our debut full-length ‘Rationing the Sacred Human Remains’, again recorded by Max Zigman, is out now on Ghastly Music! Playing shows throughout the past couple years, we have shared the stage with influential bands such as Pathology, Decapitated, All Shall Perish, Short Bus Pileup, Gorgasm, Shawn Whitaker, Devour the Unborn, Cerebral Incubation, and many, many more.

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