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7th Offensive”


Panzerchrist - 7th Offensive

I personally love this album. The guitar work is phenomenal and very melodic. The drums are pounding and relentless. It is everything I love about extreme metal music. This is a well put together album in my opinion and I would definitely recommend it to fans of death/black metal. New and old fans alike will appreciate it.




1. Panzer the 7th Offensive

2. Foreign Fields

3. In the Name of Massacration

4. The Stronghold of Hill 666

5. Dogger Dead

6. Mass Attack of the Lycanthrope Legion

7. Kill for Revenge

8. Drone Killing

9. Napalm Alarm

10. Pig Parade




Panzergeneral – Bass

Søren Tintin Lønholdt – Vocals

Nils Petersen – Guitars

Simon Schilling – Drums



Rating: 9 out of 10


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