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Pandemonium - Misanthropy

Poland brings us yet another bad ass blackened death metal band. Pandemonium is a metal band that has been around since 1990; first under the name Domain. In 2004 the band changed their name to Pandemonium. This is a band that knows the style they want and shows the metal community that they are more than just another blackened death metal band. 2012’s Misanthropy is the groups fourth full-length record and one hell of an atmospheric voyage that will take the listener to some dark places. This is a different kind of blackened death metal. This is a slower and more methodical record that keeps all the musical fundamentals intact while taking a different approach to the genre. There is more atmosphere and emotion in this music; this is not an album simply made for a mosh pit. There is purpose on this record of dense songs. Although the music is fairly straight forward, there is almost a progressive sense to these ten songs because the song writing is so thought provoking and full of feeling. The twin guitar attack of Mark and Paul is masterful and precise. The two of them develop deep chugging riffs and trade tricky leads that add passion to the music they play. Paul on vocals can jump from death metal to black metal flawlessly. This is a very musical, deep, and dark album. Taking blackened death metal’s vicious power and adding doom metal elements makes Misanthropy a great record that is heavy, dark, and foreboding. It is an ambitious undertaking, but Pandemonium flexes their brilliant muscle and delivers on bringing us a powerful record. It might be a little light on the variety, but it makes up for it with sheer dismal strength and creativity.




1. The Black Forest

2. God Delusion

3. Necro Judas

4. Stones Are Eternal

5. Avant-Garde Underground

6. Everlasting Opposition

7. Only the Dead Will See the End of War

8. Misanthropy




Paul – Guitars/Vocals

Mark – Guitars/Backing Vocals

Michael – Bass

Igor – Drums



Rating: 8.5 out of 10


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