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Pagan Spirits was born in the ancient lands of El Salvador C. An in September 2013 by the brothers Alexander Guevara(Teyaotlani) and Aracely Guevara, duo of pagan blood. Proudly know their culture and ancestral roots, giving life to an uncommon project.


Based on the true culture and heritage that belongs to us also honor our land in every song. The lyrics are influenced by paganism, ancestors, our immense legacy, the majesty of nature, and the same hatred that surrounds the war. The quiet atmosphere and is also a feature of the band. That way your gender is defined as Ambient / Pagan Black Metal.


Everything starts with the first single debut “Espiritu sagrado” to start showing a lot of atmosphere, then the heart of the song expresses anger and feeling recharged. Passing month the first demo “Legado pagano y honor ancestral” his artwork which represents the remains of an ancient settlement and then transcending borders so will the single “Bajo el manto sagrado de la noche” and split “Pagan prophecy” released in Bolivia with Necromance Theater limited to 50 copies. The authentic and unique characterizes the band, so we work on new compositions to give life to another demo this year 2014.


Always riding with our race and heritage, breaking barriers and going to wherever imagined, pagan spirits rest in every note and every voice imposed by Aracely Guevara on each song.


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