Ordoxe Review


Towards Eternity

10 Track Album

HPGD Productions

Release Date: 31st March 2017

By: Pagan Hel

Ordoxe – Trois-Rivieres, Qc, Canada



Genre: Death Metal/Black Metal/Extreme Metal



“Raised from the ashes of the pioneer Canadian black metal band SLAOTVEAN, ORDOXE has now become the main project of guitarist/singer JF Jalbert, supported by guitarist Samuel Landry, bassman JD Bergeron and drummer Steve De Cotret. Created in 1989, this solo project has been quickly pulled aside due to lack of time and the growing popularity of SLAOTVEAN. However, in 2006, Jalbert decided to give a second breath to ORDOXE and recorded “Sorrick Ked Tho”. Clearly different from all his previous works, ORDOXE presents a darker sound. Providing grim moods and evil ambiences, the album has been well received by the underground scene. And then in 2007, came “Magnum Opus”, the second album. A journey to the depths of a lost soul that tries to understand the twists and turns of the evil mankind. Unfortunately, once again, Jalbert’s other demon was too greedy. SLAOTVEAN took all his energy and ORDOXE was put aside once again, for a more convenient time. And this moment SLAOTVEAN is now dead. ORDOXE is now rising with fierce and might!”


There is no mistaking extreme metal you either love it or hate it, there is no in between. For me, the low tuned gruff growls and high pitched squeals are a joy to behold. Surrounded by irresistible thuds of embracing beats, rapacious riffs and harsh, lurid bass hooks the extremities become apparent and they either suck you into their magical weave or spit you out into a festering corner, either way, the music grabs your attention as on the beginning of this album with the track We are Eternal.


The fast pace demonic gallop of ‘The Auspicious One’ holds a hypnotic rhythm and maniacally unfolds into an addictive nightmare of sorts, however, it holds a rapacious beast that nobody can ignore as hard as they try. Trepas I has another two parts to it. The first one is harsh and abrasive and spawns a cantankerous rhythm but is tempered with grizzly vocal savagery. Your Sorrow, My Sorrow time to take some throat pastilles as the vocal is rip-roaring and energetic, add in powerful also! It’s melodic core is emotive and toxic as well as thoroughly volatile! Sword of Damocles the grooves of which flow in the band’s favour and rips into the senses like an express train. It shows a truly sadistic side that flirts suggestively and is strikingly rich and powerful in its rhythmic sway. Soyez Illumines reads you the riot act, fiercely invading the audial like a parasite, never loosening its iron grip and purposefully intensifying its vision. A Passage in Time roars like a hungry Tiger stalking its prey in the wild. It is an untamed track with almost physical powers that lead you to higher driven melodies. Trepas II is slightly slower than its first outing part I but none the less edgy and showing signs of malice in its striking riffs and glorious blast beats. The Essence of Life is a jangle of riffs that stand out from raucous blast beats and will no doubt burn the senses leaving them smouldering in its wake! It is hungry for attention and emerges triumphant in its boldness. Trepas III the concluding part III from Towards Eternity gets straight down to business and molests the ears with a burned harshness that is typically familiar with its genre. It relentlessly parades its confident manner and has no trouble winning favour!


ORDOXE – remember that name! All because the lady loves Black Magic!







We are Eternal

The Auspicious One

Trepas I

Your Sorrow, My Sorrow

Sword of Damocles

Soyez Illumines

A Passage in Time

Trepas II

The Essence of Life

Trepas III




Deco – Vocals

JF – Vocals & Guitars

Sam – Guitars

JD – Bass

Doum – Drums

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