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Death Metal Holocaust”


Omnizide - Death Metal Holocaust

Anders said in an interview that Omnizide is a mix between Blackened Death Metal and Crustcore. While you can not argue with the Blackend Death Metal, the punkish influence still feels like it goes back to Motorhead and Venom. Ex-Craft vocalist Mikael Nox has a crunchier sort of Cronos texture to his voice. Strong and easily likable. I find the vocals to be one of my favorite features of the group. Omnizide also feature B-Force from Dark Funeral. 


While this CD is full of heavy drives, there was one song that stuck out to me. Crystals of Death. The opening of the song sounds like the melody of Mercyful Fate’s THE MAD ARAB. Its is one of the few moments of just pure melody, but they are there interspersed.  


Gaddur uses thrash influenced drums to keep it heavy as opposed to assaults of blast beats. The cymbals are audible but don’t take your head of. 


If you like Death Metal that is heavy and full of drives, vocals that are not guttural, that has a raw unpolished sound, then I think you will like Omnizide. Fans of bands like Darkthrone might want to check this out.  I think this is a RECOMMENDED BUY.




1. Rotting Flesh Parade

2. No Remorse

3. Monolith

4. The Eternally Damned

5. Crystals of Death

6. Dead Planet

7. Damnatio Ad Bestias

8. Nuclear Strike

9. Pleasure from Death

10. Desecration Art



Mikael Nox – Vocals
Anders/AE – Guitars
Jesper – Guitars
Gaddur – Drums
B-Force – Bass



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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