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Okular - Sexforce

Odd album title, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Norway’s OKULAR on their second album, this being the follow up to the great debut titled “Probiotic”, and it follows it up just perfectly. For those of you unfamiliar with OKULAR, they play Death Metal with a variety of twists, at times melodic, then it is quite progressive while never getting into a Show-off festival that plagues most death metal bands that play technical and progressive. The vocalist has good range, as he switches from guttural deep vocals, to angry in your face and then screaming as though he is in writhing pain.


I am usually not a fan of technical and progressive death metal bands, but this band keeps it balanced with enough brutality to go with everything else on the table. This isn’t my first choice of music, but I am going to be objective and tell you that if you are fans of technical Death metal that this is the band to check out, in fact I would perhaps say this is the Death Metal answer to countrymen BORKNAGAR. That should be viewed as a compliment. Definite thumbs up for this album.




1. House Full of Colours

2. Not Separate

3. Sexforce

4. The Greatest Offender

5. Ride the Waves of Emotion

6. Rest in Chaos

7. The King of Life

8. Exposing the Good Citizens

9. Feast upon the Illusory

10. Birth Through Loss

11. To Ring the Bells of Truth

12. Politically Incorrect Experiences

13. Educated for Enslavement







Andreas Aubert – Backing Vocals

Marius Skarsem Pedersen – Guitars/Vocals

Bjørn Tore Erlandsen – Drums

Simen Folkestad – Bass

Jan Pinslund – Guitars

Fredrik William Aas – Vocals

Simen Folkestad – Bass (live)



Rating: 8 out of 10

~Lance Gifford of BITTER PEACE

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