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The fully awakened beast that is Of Wolves is a three piece that focuses on releasing energy through music as therapy. This intense trio is Steve Sherwood (guitars/vocals), Jon Kulpit (drums/back up vocals) and Scott Cirksena (bass/back up vocals). Steve, a longtime old school DIY crossover Punk/Metalhead from many Chicago bands like IVC, THC, Chronic Jaywalker, Halftone, and Hedspin, became very frustrated with the current evolution of heavier music types. Over the years he had become sick of hearing the “same ol shit” and seeing all the gimmicks. Since when was music about how you look or what you wear? Its about the music! (he thought?) He felt too many bands were trying way to hard to be someone or everyone else, instead of just being. Just not real, like all these bands are just seemed to concerned with trying to fit “the mold….or “cookie cutter”. So much felt so stale and copied…he thought why can’t bands be heavy with out being fake? Well he was ready! And he really needed the therapy! After many drummers, heavy hitter Jon (ex Pervo, Crestfallen) gave the impact that was needed, and after a Spinal Tap worth of bass players they finally found Scott (ex Flood, [omitted], A.S.S.). Of Wolves is about intensity, a therapeutic release (for both the band and their fans) while not being caged or boxed into one sound or style. To be able to go where their rage and emotions take them as a band, but also for the listeners and as a society…many of us feeling the same disillusion and frustration with the current issues of our world, jobs, our homes, our economy…it is very real, you can feel it and even better you can see the release, the therapy the music provides to the band and to their fans.



Stand up, raise awareness, educate, right tyranny and corruption…it is our time to wake up, unite and evolve!


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