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Nyarlathotep was born at the end of the wretched year MMIII in hands of David and Abyss. Some weeks later the circle is closed with the incorporation of Lord Hassissin. The aim of these three maniacs was to obtain a sound of total filth by means of howlings, agonizing voices and enormous doses of madness. All of this adorned with big quantities of alcohol and other substances. During several sessions of essay are completed and recorded 7 tracks which were destined to the first supposed edition. The lyrics were written in a fictitious language under influence of H.P. Lovecraft in spite of the fact that the subject matter had nothing to do with him directly. Only death and darkness were spat in their verses. More several tracks were composed but the group had not just advanced correctly due to the lack of commitment and attitude of certain member of the band. Finally due to such situation, Abyss leaves the band. Some weeks later the pact is broken, the newest tracks stay as instrumental tracks (the vocals never were recorded) and the band comes to its end. Finally the legacy will reborn from the ashes and the stuff will see the black light in 2001 in 100 pro tapes released by Obscuratio Prod.

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