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Nox Illunis - Metempsychosis

Once again, Italy has delivered a band to the black metal world worthy to stand among the finest bands in the genre. Metempsychosis is the second full-length album by Italian black metal band Nox Illunis and it is an incredible voyage though the minds of its creators. This record is equal parts traditional, progressive, and experimental. Traditional elements come from blazing fast riffs, drumming and vicinal, raspy vocals. Progressive elements are here in the long songs and dense feeling this album has. There is a lot going on and it never becomes overwhelming or boring. Songs are constantly changing and evolving through creative playing and song structures. Experimental elements show themselves in the way these songs can be epic sweeping soundscapes. The atmosphere is thick with clever riffs and some heavy emotion to go with the dismal feelings this album evokes in the listener. Musically, Metempsychosis will play you. Just as it hits a high, it will swing you to depression or vice versa. It is those kinds of significant changes throughout that make Metempsychosis such a thrill to listen to. You can hear there is a purpose to each song. Each time the song shifts it never feels forced or contrived. There are no wasted moments on this record. Nothing ever exists only to lead to the next part. This is one great album. This a powerful and unique experience that unfortunately not enough people will hear. If you can get your hands on it, Metempsychosis is a profoundly deep and well-constructed black metal experience.




1. Sfera Prima: Del Risveglio Dal Sonno

2. Sfera Seconda: Del Distruttore

3. Sfera Terza: Della Caduta

4. Sfera Quarta: Della Tentazione

5. Sfera Quinta: Della Rinascita

6. Sfera Sesta: Del Creatore

7. Sfera Settima: Epilogo




Kaos – Guitars

Noxfero – Guitars/Vocals

Master – Drums



Rating: 9 out of 10


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