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The start of the song Gawain by this band is kinda of fantasy and melodic. I am enjoying this. This again makes me feel like i am in Braveheart or some other European battle film about the medieval times. Then the vocals kick in and oh yes nice the percussion is dead on key and time. The harmony with the bass is great. The guitars are amazing, and I think that is a flute i am not sure but it sure sounds great. Wow is all i can say about this band! Gawain is a great work of poetry and music at its best. The vocals are a bit low and hard to understand but at the same time it kind of just goes along with the flow of the performance. The synths are a good bit too in their songs, and not overwhelming but just the right portrayal to make it fit slightly into a fantasy world. I would image myself being whisked away on a unicorn into the netherworld while drinking my brew to this song.



1. Sun God’s Wrath

2. Gawain

3. Into the Forest

4. Silvan Lullaby

5. Arbor Low

6. Nivis Canto

7. Cerridwen’s Round

8. The Scarlet Woman

9. Death in the Marshes

10. Pavane in G Minor

11. In These Hills



Paul Wib – Drums

Chris Mole – Guitars

Catie Williams – Flute

Martin Collins – Vocals

Richard Allan – Bass

Digby Brown – Keyboards


Rating: 8 out of 10


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