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The Cleansing”


Nominon - The Cleansing

With song titles such as Satanic Incubation, Unholy Sacrifice, Hellwitch and Infernal Rites, I was expecting pure Black Metal, but upon the first riffs and pure agonizing vocals it is clear this is Death Metal in it’s purest form, guitars tuned down, blasts and vocals that rely on sheer anger than effects. Although they loosely seem to be carrying a torch for the Swedish style of Death metal, but not the traditional Stockholm style, more like the style of early Necrophobic and Nihilist. I feel they have more in common with the greats like Malevolent Creation and Morbid Angel from Florida. In fact the vocals are the thing that most brings to mind Malevolent Creation, I would actually believe this is a side project of Bret Hoffman and a fantastic one at that. The production is solid but not polished, it is raw and in your face and it works extremely well for their style. I would also point out that there are moments of thrash akin to Slayer in some of the riffs, which also works quite well, and when I make the reference to Slayer it is the Hell Awaits, Haunting the Chapel, Reign in Blood era with the use of minor chords and ferocity. I would be curious to see where this band goes in the future, because right now they have a winning formula in every facet. Sick, Dark Death Metal with some hints of thrash thrown in to make up an extremely violent and excellent CD.




1. Satanical Incubation (Intro)

2. In the Name of Gomorrah

3. Mausoleum

4. Unholy Sacrifice

5. The Cleansing

6. Abhorrent Parasites

7. Hellwitch

8. Obliteration

9. Son of Doom

10. Infernal Rites




Henke Skoog – VoKills…

Juha Sulasalmi – Guitars/Backing Vocals

Perra Karlsson – Drums Ov Death…

AntiChristian – Guitars



Rating: 9 out of 10

~Lance Gifford of BITTER PEACE

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