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Nocturne - Ave Noctem

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois; Nocturne is a one man black metal project. Mixing mid-tempo riffs with great leads and melodies, Dan Klein, the mastermind behind Nocturne, creates a strong first album.


From beginning to end, the album doesn’t disappoint. Mixing the rawness of black metal with melody and technicality, the album doesn’t let up. With great hooks and strong riffs Dan is clearly a talented songwriter. There is just enough technicality to keep you listening to each part but it doesn’t distract you from enjoying each song as a whole.


The production is good, all the instruments are clear in the mix with nothing too overpowering. The guitar sound is crisp and biting and the drums are very clear and well mixed. The only thing that could have been raised is the bass because with careful listen, you can tell there’s some neat things going on. The vocals cover a wide range from high screams to lower growls and clean vocals are even thrown into the mix for the tracks Rites of Contrition, Pain of Purity, and The Abyss. These clean vocals could be a bit higher in the mix but this doesn’t detract from them at all. The vocals are well executed, with a clean ferocity to them.


The albums consistency however is its drawback. Most of the songs end right where they should but some of them mesh together and don’t have much variety.


My personal favorite track off the album is the last one entitled The Abyss. It’s got the energy that’s needed to end an album and have the listener looking for more.


I would definitely keep a lookout for more Nocturne stuff in the future.




1. Pursuance of the Righteous Elucidation

2. The Prodigious Plight

3. Rites of Contrition

4. Ave Noctem

5. Pain of Purity

6. Anxiopath

7. The Abyss




Dan Klein – Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Drums



Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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