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“For Salvation…”
1998, Lost Disciple Records

Noctuary - For Salvation...

Noctuary are a black metal band from California, and have released a pretty solid debut album. The production on this is nice and clear, as all the instruments can be heard and are not muffled in the mix. Those that put the USBM scene down, will be eating their words upon listening to this fantastic disc. There wasn’t one song that was a downer on this album, which had me impressed since I’m pretty critical, and that is my job here isn’t it? Haha. Anyway, this is a great album a must have for any true metal fan. All 11 songs are standouts. Get this or be prepared to suffer the consequences.



1. Funeral Ceremony

2. For Salvation…

3. Forever Shrouded Within This World

4. Sorrow in Winter Darkness

5. Eternal Nightmare

6. The Once Forgotten Past

7. Lost in Illusions

8. Consumed by Fear

9. Black Bleeding Soul

10. Cast into the Brooding Shadow

11. Journey to the Lost Kingdom



Rob Alaniz – Drums

Jeff Peters – Guitars

Joe Van Fossen – Guitars/Vocals

Steve Nelson – Vocals/Bass



Rating: 9 out of 10


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