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Noctem Cursis - Nocturnal Frost


This is Noctem Cursis’s first Full length album “Nocturnal Frost”; a band born in 2010, the black metal executed by this French  band (called Sabaudiae Black Metal)  is strong, extreme, cold and full of dark feelings, actually the band is formed by Nihilhis on  vocals, Heidarr on Keyboards,  Terror and Raven on guitars,  Camulus executing the bass and Heimgardh on  Drums, they are influenced by Norwegian Black Metal like Emperor or the old Dimmu Borgir,  talking about the music, the voice is excellent and dominant, their drums are crushing accompanied by a raw tunes evoked by their guitars and the bass, the keyboard’s sound and the guitar solos adds a dark atmosphere that catches the mind … making dark desires, the musical structure and the way they interpret it, make Noctem Cursis an excellent band, from the beginning to the end this work doesn’t lose its strength, to contact the band you can visit facebook or their webpage.




1. Prelude of an Era

2. From Space

3. Scars of the Past

4. Le Guerrier Noir

5. Ov Immobile Energy

6. World to Ashes

7. Secrets of the Elders

8. Les Rivages de la Mort

9. Crossing the Everlasting


Camulus – Bass

Heimgardh – Drums

Raven – Guitars

Terror – Guitars

Heidarr – Keyboards

Nihilhis – Vocals

Rating: 9 out of 10

~Andres Jaramillo



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