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Niden Div. 187
1997, Necropolis Records

Niden Div. 187 - Impergium

Distorted warfare in one of it’s most pure forms, “Impergium” is a speedy and droning display of apocalyptic black metal played with a rumbling madness that imprisons the soul. A rare peep of melody tears through the bitter and discordant rage that is Niden Div. 187. The drums fire onwards and the guitars burn through walls of screaming victims, while the vocals of Henke Forss (Dawn) shred through the skin like chemicals sprayed on a starving jew. The production is great for this style of music; fuzzy atmospheric guitar work with the clicking gun of drums throughout. The only downside to this recording is a slight repetition that some listeners may not enjoy. It is safe to say that this release is well suited for background music and functions great as trance inductive ambience.



1. Impergium

2. Genocide

3. Judgement Dawns

4. In the Twilight of War

5. A View in the Mirror Black

6. The Execution

7. Funeral Pyres

8. Hate

9. Mass Burial Disorder

10. The End



Jonas Albrektsson – Bass

Jocke Pettersson – Drums

Leo Pignon – Guitars

Henrik “Henke” Forss – Vocals



Rating: 8 out of 10


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