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“The Waiting Room”

Nibelheim - The Waiting Room

Nibelheim is a Thrash/Death Metal band from Italy and this is a Demo CD with 5 tracks. First listening to this CD the first track titled “These Decaying Walls” is an instrumental and very awesome one I must admit. Then by the 2nd track “Lunatic Asylum” it really gets into it. What a great name for a song as well. You can really hear the great guitar riffs going well the vocals and drumming in this CD. It is really awesome to hear a female doing Thrash vocals in this CD. The band is well organized and put together and shows it in this Demo CD. I do recommend this band for those of you who want to get a fix of some good Thrash Metal music.



1. Intro

2. These Decaying

3. Lunatic Asylum

4. Reshaping

5. Death O’Clock



Gabriele Di Girolamo – Bass

Bubba – Drums

Luca Pavone – Guitars

Stefania Salladini – Vocals

David – Guitars


Rating: 8 out 10


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