Neverlight Horizon Review

Neverlight Horizon

Dead God Effigies

8 Track Album

Great Dane Records

Release Date: 10th September 2016

By: Pagan Hel


Neverlight Horizon – Huy, Belgium


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Genre: Death Metal

Kick starting the proceedings and by kick I mean kick as in Useless Humanity with a cloven hoof as the damming rhythms smother the aural cavities like a thick blanket of smog! The tormenting riffs niggle and excite as the brutal swagger of deranged and insane exploits surround and entice with the outstretched grasping skeletal hand.

The Drowning Blackness releases a surge of malevolent growling along with a higher pitched sizzling screech that sits alongside a pulsing beat and rhythmical prowess. The tapestry comes together like a fine piece of artwork and paints a vivid picture that one will stand in front of a gasp! The power exudes with an extreme tempest that fluctuates and ignites.

The Awakening sees bludgeoning beats along with squally riffs and a growl that plummets the depths come alive on this track as it gathers speed. Its ravenous heart bleeds metal blood, and rips apart, flesh from the bone, as the pounding quickens and through its hellish rampage wreaks havoc!

The battle for survival continues on Dead God Effigies the bands title track. The seduction is underway as it glows red from the heat it emanates! Ear piercing screams are cause for quickened breath as the thunderous drama unfolds and manifests as bedlamic and crazed. It seizes the moment in no uncertain terms and ravishes with intent.

Diabolic Mask of War is a strange track with unusual sinister voices and weird undulating noises that are urgent to the ear. It is rather disturbing as you cannot make out what the voice is saying as the eerie ambiance takes over. In a bizarre bid to calm the storm the band have created a freakish track that suddenly explodes into further turmoil.

From Black Liquid to Extinction battling the elements further is this one whose title is self-explanatory. It is so black it gets lost in the darkness! The textures are perfectly toned and persistently evil. The rip roaring gargles are hideous and to the extreme, while the plundering beat exorcises the demon from within.

A rather intrusive track God of Suffering along with a savage rhythm and chugging barbarity it leaves nobody in any doubt that Neverlight Horizon have got things all sewn up apart from your ears! Brooding with defiance and a toxic aggression this is just one spiteful track, hell bent on destruction!

Aww is it that time already? Another fine album comes to a close. Desperate Final Assault is predacious and raw, and possesses more than its fair share of squally riffs and unbridled virulence, which amazes me how the band keeps up with its damming pace! It’s one of those tracks that make you tense up with excitement and as soon as it finishes you feel the effects for days after!

If I ever survive the rigid intense feelings that this album executes I will be extremely grateful although it isn’t likely! It doesn’t have mood swings rather just one mood and that is scathing/malevolent! Its creation is uncompromising and fierce to say the least.

It’s amazing just what a person can feel during eight tracks going from 0-100 in seconds, just on attitude alone! Vicious and infectious it spews out immediate fuel-injected hatred and is ridiculously addictive.

The snarling throaty rasps and low guttural growls only exacerbate the situation, matched with a truly fantastic surround sound of sheer devilry make this an album worth owning!






Track List:

Useless Humanity

Drowning Blackness

The Awakening

Dead God Effigies

Diabolic Mask of War

From Black Liquid to Extinction

God of Suffering

Desperate Final Assault




Jean Louis Lizin (Rebhell) – Vocals

Laurent Streel – Guitar

Julien Nicolet – Drums

Xavier Toulmonde – Guitar

Simon Pailhe – Bass

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