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Never To Arise - Hacked to Perfection

Never To Arise is what we have come to expect from high quality Florida death metal. This is yet another two person band with more dynamic chemistry and musical prowess than some five member bands. The bands 2012 full-length album titled Hacked To Perfection is the first release by these guys and a great start for this band. This band doesn’t take the progressive death metal approach by adding unnecessary elements to their music. Instead they keep everything on the record within the boundaries of classic death metal but still throw in little bits of flare to insert subtle touches of brilliants. The real strength of this album comes from the ingenious guitar playing. Both Michael Kilborn and Gordon Denhart provide their own spin on death metal guitar. They are never overplaying or showing off. All of their riffs and leads are song serving within the limits and without ever stepping outside they deliver powerful guitar performances. All other aspects on this record are rock solid as well. Gordon Denhart on vocals has a harsh, deep and commanding delivery. He could have benefited from being a little more diverse in his singing, but as it stands it works. This album seems about more than two guys that wanted to play death metal because they knew they could pull it off. They put real feeling and purpose in the music of this record and that is why it rises above the mediocre bands of the same genre. You also have to love some of these song titles. Sloppy Surgery, Snuff Film Superstar, and my personal favorite, I made Her Famous. Never To Arise may not be the most original Florida death metal band you will ever hear, but it is a great start for this band of two dynamic musicians. There is a lot to like on Hacked To Perfection. Some of it might sound a little familiar, but only the two of them managed to craft one hell of a death metal record.




1. The Femicidal Impulse

2. Hyperbaric Torture Chamber

3. Sloppy Surgery

4. In Debasement

5. Mutilation Supreme

6. Bereft of Conscience

7. I Made Her Famous

8. Snuff Film Superstar

9. Devoured by Wolves

10. M.A.O.B.S. (Misogynistic Acts of Barbaric Sadism)




Michael Kilborn – Guitars/Bass

Gordon Denhart – Vocals/Guitars/Drum Programming



Rating: 8 out of 10


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