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Suffering Is The Seed”


Nepente - Suffering is the Seed

For A while I have been talking about the great bands that come from Mexico and South America. What they have in common, and Nepente is no different, is palpable aggression and sonic fury. I get strange looks of disbelief when I tell people that the some of the most aggressive and Satanic music come south of the American border, almost like I told them a ghost story or something. Not sure if Nepente falls into the Satanic category but the do deal with evil. This was a hard review to start because I really like this CD. There are some really great songs on this that are really listenable without having to wait for something to grow on you. Merciful Death, Hear Me Howl, and Slaves Will Always Be Slaves I have played over and over. While Nepente has the sound and fury of the south they do remind me in some ways of Ureghal and Tsjuder along with Thy Antichrist.


Besides the aggressive songs, the vocals are top notch for what I like. Jose Fernando Ospina, has a high powerful rasp, with that psychotic attack that can take your head off. On Hear Me Howl there is a deep throatier attack, just as strong and just as awesome that show a great deal of control along with the range.


Suffering Is The Seed Goes in the HIGHLY RECOMMEND category for me.




1. Suffering is the Seed

2. Hell is the Name of this Land

3. Merciful Death

4. Hear me Howl

5. Slaves Will Always be Slaves

6. Die for Me

7. This Shroud is Yours

8. The Swamp




Wilmar Correa – Bass

Mauricio Aristizabal – Drums

Juan Pablo Buitrago – Guitars

Esteban Daza – Guitars

Jose Fernando Ospina – Vocals

Pablo Vasquez – Guitars



Rating 9 out or 10

~Alaric Hannibal Barca

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