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In 1997 a Systematic Collision of cosmic masses thrived with an appalling force before bursting into a supernova. From those fragments was born Neoplasmah in 2001.


This new mass gathered some new and some ancient elements on its surroundings and provided their first vortex voyage in 2004 with the debut album Sidereal Passage.


The Passage scorched the earth by being the first female fronted death metal album in Portugal, and one of the few worldwide.


Unfortunately the elements were not primed and didn’t congregate. A long hiatus came along.


After 7 years all the stars aligned and augured a dusk of a new era with the forging of a new record. Neoplasmah was brought back to live in 2012 stronger than ever.


Light speed Death/Black riffing filled with drifting solos, storming drums and vocals evoking Gaya’s strength against all Empires!


On its ranks features Alexandre Ribeiro and Rolando Barros spawn of Grog and José Marreiros spawn of Martelo Negro, vocalist Sofia Silva and Vitor Mendes the leading vortice of the project.


All gathered for a devastating new record presented now, in the fall of 2014 by HelldProd.


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