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Neldöreth was formed in November of 2004 by Oz Bloodcurse and Brad Feist. They had been together in a local symphonic black metal band called Dark Symphony. They decided to form something more to their suiting and left to form a Satanic Black Metal band together. The first line up was Oz (vocals), Andy Check (guitars), Nathan Bailey (guitars), Jay Smith (bass), and Brad (drums). Nathan left shortly after due to personal reasons. The band recorded their first demo, “Follow the Gods” in late December 2004. In February, Brad left the band. He was replaced by Bryan Anderson, whom Oz met a year before at a Slayer concert.


In March 2005 Jay was let go from the band for lack of commitment. Later that month the band recorded their second demo, “Hymns ov Golgotha”. Many sites claim Andy played bass on this demo, this is wrong…there was no bass recorded on the album!! Not long after the demo was recorded, the band added Mike Walton, as new bass player to the line up. The band performed their first ritual on April 20th, 2006. Soon after they recorded their first full length album, Invert the Crucifix. Mike was fired from the band not long after due to lack of commitment.


Jay Smith was brought back as the band’s bass player and the band did many rituals to promote the album. In July of 2006 the band began to record their second full length album, Under Azazel’s Dark Wings. During this time the band began to have problems with Bryan. He became very lazy and distant from the rest of the band. In October, Bryan was fired from the band when he didn’t show up for a show. Extermination drummer John Jesuele filled in last minute so the band didn’t have to cancel. The band did one more show with this line up (with John on drums) and then went on hiatus for a few months. During that time, the band looked for a new drummer. Oz also began writing lyrics for what would become the Invert Christ album.


The band began jamming together again in February of 2007. Brad also rejoined the band as drummer.


In March of 2007, Oz asked local guitarist, Darrell Creel to join the band. He agreed, and soon after Andy and Jay were let go. Jay was replaced by Joe Ruggere. In August, the band scheduled a ritual with this line up, but Darrell last minute, couldn’t do it, so Andy was brought back for one show.


Not long after the show, Brad was let go from the band because his skill wasn’t up to par with the new material being written. Brad is still a loyal friend and follower of Neldöreth. Not long after Joe also left the band due to family commitments. Joe is also still a loyal friend and fan. Oz and Darrell began writing the next album while they searched for new members. They decided to record the album themselves so they didn’t have to delay the album while searching for new members. They began recording the Invert Christ EP during this time. Oz decided to experiment with a more death metal vocal style on this release. They also decided to perform live with a drum machine until a live drummer was found.


In April of 2010, the band embarked on their first mini US tour. They took symphonic black metal band, Korr out with them. The band had intended to have Matt Harrington (bass) and John Musky (drums) from Korr perform as their backing band, but after the first show they decided to perform with a drum machine. The reason for this was because of the bands dissatisfaction with John’s performance at the first show. They performed rituals in Albany, NY, Cleveland, OH, Chicago, IL, and Milwaukee, WI. When they returned home, they played the March Metal Massacre IX in Reading, PA alongside Kult ov Azazel, Blood Feast, Goreaphobia, and others.


In June the Invert Christ EP was released and then they embarked on an East Coast tour with Korr. This took the band down south to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. After the tour, Oz and Darrell then began writing what would become the next album. In April of 2011, they returned to Cleveland and Milwaukee to perform rituals and in September added Kansas City and Oklahoma City to their covered territory.


The rest of 2011 and early 2012 was spent writing recording the next album, The Saints of Blasphemy…which would become the third full length album. During this time, the band inked a deal with Extreminal Productions out of Turkey to re-release the Invert Christ EP in Europe and also release the next album. In July of 2012, the band embarked on a month long full US tour. For this tour, the band took out Alabama black metal band, Vulkodlak. The tour was very successful and took the band for the first time to the West Coast. After the tour, Darrell decided to leave the band. His reasons was because he wanted to work on new projects. Oz decided to finish and release the new album, The Saints of Blasphemy regardless due to all the hard work and time they both put into the album. 


Virginia black metal band Leper Lord guitarist, Heathen was chosen to replace Darrell. When Darrell left, the band had two rituals scheduled, but Heathen couldn’t do them due to Leper Lord commitments. Former Killing Chapel front-man, Kerry Dennis was hired to do these two rituals. After the rituals he was added as a full time member of the band and switched over to drums..making him the first drummer in Neldöreth since 2007. The band released the Saints of Blasphemy – I: Baptized in Blasphemy album in April 2013. They embarked on the “Satanic Crusades” tour in October / November. The band has also began writing the follow up to The Saints of Blasphemy, which will be titled, The Saints of Blasphemy – II: Communion of the Abhorrent. Also in 2014 the band celebrates their ten year anniversary!!




Follow the Gods (demo) (2004)

Hymns ov Golgotha (demo) (2005)

Invert the Crucifix (full length) (2006)

Under Azazel’s Dark Wings (full length) (2006)

Invert Christ (EP) (2010)

The Saints of Blasphemy – I: Baptized in Blasphemy (full length) (2013)





Oz Bloodcurse – Vocals (2004-present)

Damien – Guitars (2014-present)

Vehemence – Drums (2013-present)

Ixitichitl – Bass (Manticore) (2012–present)

Ricktor Ravensbrück – Guitars (The Electric Hellfire Club, Wolfpack 44) (2013-present)


Andy “Mephisto” Check (2004-2007)

Nathan Baily (2004)

Nick Michael (2006)

Eric Becker (2006) *live only*

Steve Dupak (2006) *live only*

Darrell Creel (2007-2012)

Kerry Dennis (2012)

Heathen (2012-2013)

Mörg (2013)

Hellskald (2013-2014) *live only*


Jay “Morbid” Smith (2004, 2006-2007)

Mike “Balrog” Walton (2006)

Joe Ruggere (2007-2009)

Ryan Korr (2010) *live only*


Brad Feist (2004-2005), 2007)

Deathhammer (2005)

Bryan “Massacre” Anderson (2005-2007)

John “Jez” Jesuele (2006-2007) *live only*

Brad Doudna (2009)

John Muskey (2010) *live only*

Kerry Dennis (2012-2013)

Deragore (2013-2014) *live only*

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