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Nekroholocaust is a 3 piece band hailing from Bacolod City Philippines since year 2004. Compose of Bertram Vidaja on Guitars , Francis Albesa on Drums & Jap Decena on Vocals. This three rapist is highly influenced by some other foreign bands like: Disgorge (US), Devourment, Liturgy, Cinerary, Suffocation, Internal Suffering, Asphyxiate, Jasad, Beheaded, etc..and some local filipino bands like Human Mastication, Down from the Wound, Pus Vomit, Loss of Control etc…The band has first released there demo called “Raped Afterbirth 2010” and “Demo 2011” released by Undergrind Syndicate(a DIY label based in Bacolod City Philippines) & Also released by Stoned Youth Records(Finland). The band also released some splits and compilations projects from foreign & local bands and labels around the globe(Just check it on there sites)…The band also have some tributes to other foreign bands like Impetigo,Last Days of Humanity,Regurgitate,Blood, ETC..The band also planning to release there EP album this 2011 and there Full-Length album in the future.. They are planning to go back in the studio and record the songs for the EP this 2011.. and Hopefully they could get a good label and promotions for it… The Band is currently working for there 1st debut full-length album called “Mass Existence of Inhuman Genocide”…so keep you eyes on it!!!

This band will play anywhere…for more info’s and gig invitations just contact us at: FB: / MS: / MOBILE: 09286055980 – 09277507151 / EMAIL:

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