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Awhile ago, deep in the mountainous landscapes of Austria a bunch of musicians gathered in a secret almost forgotten realm, which the human tongue describes as “rehearsal room”, to practice the unhallowed art of death metal.


After the transfer of mind and blood into the unholy objects, also known as the “writing and rehearsal process”, the name NEKRODEUS was given to them by the great elder Cthulhu himself to herald the end of the arcane ritual of creating a band.


This pact commanding the fellowship of shredding and gutturals has been sealed with beer on the 1st of January in 2013.


After the release of a first self-recorded two-track demo in February, Nekrodeus performed their first live ritual in the desecrated depths of the well-known club q in graz. shortly afterwards, their first EP called “putrid scent of grave perversion” was released on the 1st of June.

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