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Necrodemon DOES NOT and WILL NOT follow trends, fads, or fakes. Ripping Black Death forever! Necrodemon are sworn to metal. Hence the title : Allegiance to the End. Those who are Elite understand. They stand on their own. Necrodemon began in late 1998 from the ashes of Lordes Werre. From 1999’s “Deadly Demo” to Necrodemon’s current dark dominion, the band has focused in on dark hatred and has broke a lot of ground as far as musicianship and writing. Rageful and pissed off metalheads! …And so Necrodemon are blasting out a path of their own! Bands like Necrodemon who stand out and do not sound the same on every song and every album should be something to respect. Necrodemon has been misunderstood, hated, and deceived yet still stand proud and unchanged. They are waging war against false metal! Ripping Black Death!


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