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Natanas is a one piece band that started in 2013, out of Rock Springs, Wyoming, USA. The sole member is Namtaräum. He performs vocals, guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, violin and keyboards as well as produces. For over a decade, he has worked in the oil field. It is a rough place to be, outside in -30 weather working on the electronics that help natural gas and oil wells through the production phase. Prior to this he was a computer programmer by trade. He lives with his wife, three children, four cats and a dog.


Natanas’ lyrical themes are generally misanthropic and occult. Musical style is very heavy on atmospheric elements, and is a blending of black metal, doom metal, and a dash of industrial from time to time. Eram numquam amicum vestrum was recorded one instrument at a time on cassette tape. These audio layers were then played into an audio interface and recorded onto an ipad Air 2 for mixing and mastering. This album revolves around the turmoil caused by the crash in oil prices that decimated the finances, and changed the live of pretty much everyone I know. It focuses this topic through a lens of rage, and a vantage point of the otherworldly.


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