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The band consists of two members, ”C.L.” from the one man Swedish Depressive Metal act Glädjekällor and a side project called Eskapi, and Emilio Crespo (various former projects). C.L. is a multi instrumentalist and Emilio is a vocalist with experience in many ranges of harsh vocals. The idea sprung from wanting to create powerful, sorrowful, and hateful mixture of Atmospheric Doom/Death and Black Metal. The band is currently working on a full length to be released mid 2014 via Senseless Life Records. Until now they have released the single track entitled Thanathos. The track has been well received with a couple reviews as well:


Comments by the reviewer ‘Blackmetalmother’:
-This single track release is a rage filled listen swollen with emotions and heavy sadness…. Technically steady with an underlying power, growling vocals that are pure and raw..


Comments by the review site ‘Legacy Reviews’:
– …There is a lot of atmosphere on the bands single “Thanathos” and it blends perfectly with the doom aspects. They are working on a debut album, and “Thanathos” is just warming us up to what can only be an incredible journey!…


The upcoming album will be based on the following concept:
The story will be based on a man who has learned that in a years time, he will no longer be around on this earth. 


Heavily overwhelmed, he embarks on a mental journey, facing so many emotions that invade and corrode him. As if that burden wasn’t enough for his soul, an entity persecutes him. The album will go through the four seasons of the year; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Every season will also contain an emotional stage that he is going through at that point in time.


On December 10, 2013 Nangilima signed a deal with Senseless Life Records. The upcoming album, yet to be named, will be released through SLR.

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